Have you heard about the Sprint 8 Cardio Challenge that’s helping individuals everywhere boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle? The Sprint 8 Challenge is an eight-week cardio challenge that produces radical results for individuals at any age. Contestants are required to complete three Sprint 8 workouts every week for the entire eight-week period.

Jen’s story below speaks to the power of Sprint 8.  Read on to learn more about her journey.

Jennifer’s Story

“I’ve been part of the team at Matrix Fitness since August 2015, and I learned about our Sprint 8 program shortly thereafter. I have had the pleasure of meeting Phil Campbell, the creator of Sprint 8, and I was able to hear him speak at IHRSA in 2016. As an exercise physiologist, I was familiar with the ways high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, drive your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. I also knew that Sprint 8 was a great workout, as I’d had the opportunity to complete a Sprint 8 workout on a handful of occasions. It wasn’t until our company held a Sprint 8 Challenge that I made the personal commitment to complete Sprint 8 three times per week for eight weeks.

“Participating in challenges is motivating, and it’s also an easy way for me to commit Sprint 8 and see how this method of training might impact my own health. Part of my role at Matrix is sharing the benefits of our equipment and technology solutions with our YMCA customers, and I’ve been well-trained to speak to the strengths of our products. However, I also know that when I have a personal story to share, it becomes that much more compelling.

“In late June, I’d coincidentally had a lipid profile completed as well as my first ever A1c.

When the challenge ended, I reached out to my general practitioner and asked if I could have my blood drawn again so I could measure the impact of Sprint 8. I was thrilled with the results! My overall cholesterol dropped from 197 to 176, largely due to a big improvement in my LDL cholesterol which dropped from 110 to 88. My HDL (good cholesterol) stayed the same, so my ratio improved as well from 2.6 to 2.3. Better still, my A1c dropped from just over the pre-diabetic threshold at 5.7 to safely in the normal range at 5.3. I made no other changes to my lifestyle (exercise or diet), and I attribute these results 100{a180972f8b5ddd6ceefdea6ee351278944eea49b56e3ea3aa18890d9905c696f} to Sprint 8.

“It might be needless to tell you, but I’m going to anyway — I am in love with Sprint 8! I’ve made a commitment to carry on with my Sprint 8 workouts and have continued to do so for the last six months. Although it never gets any easier during the workout, I do enjoy it. And I especially enjoy the results! I have recommended Sprint 8 to my friends and family, and I recommend it to you too. I invite you to take the Sprint 8 Challenge — completing Sprint 8 three times per week for eight weeks — and see and feel the impact on your own health.”

Join the Sprint 8 Challenge Today

If you’re interested in joining a Sprint 8 Challenge, ask about it at your favorite health facility, look for Sprint 8 on Matrix or Horizon treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and Ascent Trainers, and make sure any cardio equipment you bring home has Sprint 8 included. To see more testimonials from people who have had transformative success with Sprint 8, check out testimonials.

About Jennifer Bolger

Jennifer Bolger is a strategic account manager for Matrix Fitness responsible for supporting YMCAs and JCCs in the Western half of North America, helping them leverage Matrix equipment and technology solutions to achieve their goals. Jennifer works closely with territory managers to assist with key customer opportunities, achieve targets and positively grow the Matrix brand in YMCAs and JCCs. As a health and wellness professional, Jennifer passionately believes that regular activity is a key component of wellbeing. She considers it a privilege to help people improve their health through lifestyle changes that they can maintain for a lifetime.

Phil Campbell

“Sprint 8 is a tried and true workout that can rapidly and radically change your body for the better. It’s simple. It’s effective. And you’re going to love what it does to your body.”