A few years ago, Cory received a copy of Phil Campbell’s Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol book from a friend. At first, he wasn’t interested. “I looked at the cover and saw ‘Maximum Results, Minimum Time’ and immediately dismissed it. Figured it was a fad workout.” Besides, as a firefighter, he was already physically fit.

But after suffering a back injury at work, Cory had trouble staying in shape. “I was scared to lift weights and eventually just got busy with life and became lazy.” It wasn’t until he got some disheartening results from a work-mandated fitness test that he finally decided to try Sprint 8. “I did not like where I was going physically… My numbers were not good.”

Luckily, the fire station had Matrix equipment with Sprint 8 pre-installed. The workouts were tough at first, but it wasn’t long before Cory’s hard work started to pay off. “I felt better and better each week… It was tiring for sure, but I felt good. I had never done exercise like this before, so there was a little bit of a learning curve, but my body figured it out.” Part of that learning curve was finding the right equipment. At first, Cory used a treadmill, but after discovering the benefits of using a recumbent bike – less stress on the back and knees – he made the switch.

Cory also made a few changes to his diet. “I didn’t need to overhaul my diet completely. Just [needed to] be aware of what [I was] eating and have some moderation.” Cory ate the same foods he always enjoyed, but in smaller portions. No calorie-counting required.

Eight weeks later, Cory’s numbers had gotten a lot better. He lost nearly 14 pounds of pure body fat and gained a pound of muscle. Plus, his resting heartrate went down to the mid-50s, a big improvement from his previous heartrate of over 90 bpm. “My energy levels are up. My weight is down. My pulse is down. Everyday tasks are easier… I can run around the yard with my kids and not feel winded. My job as a firefighter is physically demanding, but [it’s] a lot easier now!”

Today, Cory wholeheartedly recommends the Sprint 8 protocol. In fact, he recently gave a coworker his copy of Phil Campbell’s book – the same book he previously dismissed. So far, Cory has persuaded his brother and several coworkers to give Sprint 8 a try. “My advice would be to read the book. Pay attention to the advice in the book and take it seriously. If you do that and put in the effort, you will see the rewards.”

Cory before and after Sprint 8

Phil Campbell

“Sprint 8 is a tried and true workout that can rapidly and radically change your body for the better. It’s simple. It’s effective. And you’re going to love what it does to your body.”