When James Keating was in his early 20s, he met Phil Campbell at his local gym. The former National Champion powerlifter was taught the benefits of Sprint 8 by its creator, but he didn’t start the program until years later. In his late 30s, he wanted to get in the best shape of his life to pursue an acting career. He also wanted to feel better in his day-to-day life after gaining enough weight in his 20s and 30s to cause several health problems. In May of 2018, James picked up his copy of Phil’s Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol book.

He began doing 40-yard sprints in his yard and eventually progressed to the 70-yard sprints recommended for outdoor Sprint 8 sessions. Six months into the program, James added intermittent fasting to his regimen. “The weight just fell off me,” James says.

James’s quality of life has improved substantially. In 2018, his doctor took him off his blood pressure medication, and his fatty liver disease has been cured. Other notable improvements include lowered triglyceride levels, which dropped from 1500 to just 200. “My doctor was floored and was asking how I did it,” says James.

Now landing lead roles in films after gigs as a background actor or extra, James has no doubt that Sprint 8 has had an impact on his life and acting career. “It’s a gamechanger,” James says. “It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s a fountain of youth. It’ll change your life.” Do you have a great Sprint 8 story to share? Submit your story here!

Phil Campbell

“Sprint 8 is a tried and true workout that can rapidly and radically change your body for the better. It’s simple. It’s effective. And you’re going to love what it does to your body.”