Getting Results with the Sprint 8 Challenge

Have you heard about the Sprint 8 Cardio Challenge that’s helping individuals everywhere boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle? The Sprint 8 Challenge is an eight-week cardio challenge that produces radical results for individuals at any age. Contestants are required to complete three Sprint 8 workouts every… Read More

Achieve Better Results with Sweat Score™

The new Sweat Score™ rating available on the Sprint 8 program is helping exercise enthusiasts everywhere work out in more efficient ways. That’s because Sweat Score measures what really counts when it comes to exercise — not how far, fast or long you can go, but what kind of effort you’re… Read More

Can Sprint 8 Help the Body Attack Cancer Cells?

It might surprise you to hear that high-intensity interval training could help fight cancer, but recent findings suggest just that. While HIIT programs like Sprint 8 have been proven to help burn fat and build muscle through the release of growth hormone, they also achieve an adrenal response that strengthens… Read More

The Key to Longevity — Lengthen Your Telomeres

Begin recruiting all muscle fiber types with Sprint 8, and you’ll do great things for your body, including looking and feeling younger. Read More